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High Speed Steel Alloy Comparison

Cold Work SteelShock SteelHot Work Tool SteelHigh Speed SteelAerospace
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  ASTM Grade Name Description MI1 HRC   Toughness
  Wear Resistance
  Hot Hardness
  M1  Tatmo™  A general purpose high speed steel which is good for interrupted cutting operations.  55  65 

  M2  Double Six™  The most widely used general purpose high speed steel with a very good balance of properties and cost effectiveness.   50  65 

  DIN 1.3343  M2 EUR™  The higher carbon variant of M2 which is common in Europe. Has slightly higher attainable hardness with a slight sacrifice in toughness.   50  65 

  M3-1  Corsair™  Higher carbon and vanadium contents than M2 provide improved wear resistance and hot hardness.   40  66 

  M3-2  Crusader™  Still higher carbon and vanadium contents provide significant gains in cutting tool performance.  35  66 

  M4  Stark™  A high speed steel in which the high wear resistance comes from a high volume of hard vanadium carbides.  35  65 

  M4  CPM® Rex M4 HC  Powder metal version of M4 with very high toughness. A versatile steel for many cold work applications as well, especially punches.  45  65 

  M7N  Tatmo V-N™  A nitrogen modified M7 high speed steel for improved attainable hardness. Very popular for twist drills.  45  66 

  M35  HS 105™  An M2-base composition with a cobalt addition for enhanced attainable hardness and hot hardness. The common super high speed steel in Europe.   45  65 

  M42  Dynamax™  A high cobalt super high speed steel. High wear resistance comes from high hardness rather than a high volume of vanadium carbides.   35  68 

  M48  CPM® Rex 76  A premium super high speed steel for long production runs, heavy duty machining and abrasive materials. Commonly used for hobs.  15  69 

  M50  CM-50™  An intermediate high speed steel for use where hot hardness is not critical. Common applications are consumer twist drills and woodworking tools.  65  63 

  M52  CM-52™  An intermediate high speed steel with improved wear resistance compared to M50.  55  63 

  T15  Dynavan™  A super tungsten high speed steel with a large volume of vanadium carbides for high wear resistance.  20  67 

  T15  CPM® Rex T15  The powder metal version of T15 with greatly enhanced toughness and grindability. Commonly used for broaches.  25  67 

    DuraTech™ 30  A powder metal M3-2 speed steel with a cobalt addition for high performance cutting tools. The highest toughness super high speed steel.  30  67 

Machinability Index: Relative machinability, as a percentage, compared to machining a 1% carbon tool steel.