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Hot Work Tool Steel Alloy Comparison

Cold Work SteelShock SteelHot Work Tool SteelHigh Speed SteelAerospace
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  ASTM Grade Name Description MI1 HRC   Toughness
  Wear Resistance
  Hot Hardness
    LSS™ 2714 (DIN 1.2714 Modified)  A nickel-chromium-molybdenum hot work steel that exhibits high impact toughness and good resistance to softening. Also available prehardened to 352-401 HBS.  85  41 

  H10  LSS™ H10  A chromium type, air hardening hot work steel with increased molybdenum for improved resistance to softening at elevated temperatures.  95  48 

  H10A  HW 108™  A cobalt addition to the H10 chemistry provides increased resistance to softening at elevated temperatures.  95  48 

  H11  LSS™ H11  An air hardening, chromium-molybdenum hot work steel which exhibits the highest toughness of the 5% chromium family.  75  48 

    LSS™ 2367 (DIN 1.2367)  A high molybdenum modification of H11 which exhibits better hot hardness, temper resistance, hardenability and attainable hardness than H11.  70  48 

  H13  LSS™ H13  The most versatile air hardening, 5% chromium hot work steel. Exhibits a good combination of high toughness, temper resistance and thermal fatigue resistance.  65  48 

  Premium H13  LSS™ H13  An ESR or VAR remelted version of H13 with tighter compositional limits, improved cleanliness and higher toughness. Meets specifications of the die casting industry.  40  48 

  H13S  Viscount 44®  A resulfurized H13 tool steel that is prehardened to the 42 - 46 HRC range. The sulfur addition makes it machinable in the hardened condition.  35  44 

    Koncor™  A high carbon, high vanadium modification of H13 which exhibits excellent resistance to wear and elevated temperature softening.   55  55 

  H19  LSS™ H19  A tungsten hot work steel with a cobalt addition for improved resistance to softening and thermal fatigue, but with reduced thermal shock resistance.   55  54 

  H21  LSS™ H21  A low carbon, medium tungsten hot work steel for high temperature, long run applications. Cannot be externally water cooled.  55  50 

  H26  LSS™ H26 Mod™  A low carbon modification of T15 HSS that provides very good wear resistance at elevated temperatures. Should not be externally water cooled.  50  60 

  H41  LSS™ H41  A low carbon M1 high speed steel. Exhibits excellent resistance to softening and thermal fatigue, but with reduced thermal shock resistance.  50  60 

    CPM® 1V®  A powder metal tool steel with a unique combination of high toughness and high strength, along with high temper resistance for hot work applications.   60  54 

  M2  Double Six™  The classic, general purpose high speed steel. Occasionally used in hot work tooling applications where toughness is not a primary concern.  50  60 

Machinability Index: Relative machinability, as a percentage, compared to machining a 1% carbon tool steel.