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Shock Steel Alloy Comparison

Cold Work SteelShock SteelHot Work Tool SteelHigh Speed SteelAerospace
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  ASTM Grade Name Description MI1 HRC   Toughness
  Wear Resistance
  A8  LSS™ MGR  An air hardening steel with good toughness that can be used in cold work and some limited hot work tooling applications.  75  59 

  A9  LSS™ A9  An air hardening steel with good toughness, enhanced by nickel content. Used for both cold work and hot work tooling applications.  70  56 

  L6  LSS™ L6  An oil hardening, general-purpose tool and die steel. Nickel content provides enhanced impact toughness, and higher carbon allows for higher strengths.  75  57 

  H13  LSS™ H13  The most versatile air hardening, 5% chromium hot work steel. Exhibits a good combination of high toughness, temper resistance and thermal fatigue resistance.  65  48 

  S1  LSS™ S1  An oil hardening, tungsten shock steel designed for applications involving high impact or sudden shock loading.  70  58 

  S5  LSS™ S5  An oil hardening, silicon shock steel exhibiting the highest toughness of the S type steels. Also capable of hardnesses above 60 HRC.  65  61 

  S7  LSS™ S7  An air hardening shock steel with excellent toughness and better dimensional stability in heat treatment than other S grades.  70  57 

    CPM® 1V®  A powder metal tool steel with a unique combination of high toughness and high strength, along with high temper resistance for hot work applications.   60  54 

Machinability Index: Relative machinability, as a percentage, compared to machining a 1% carbon tool steel.